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My name is Kirsten—It’s a bit hard to pronounce, so I begrudgingly answer to a lot of things; Kristen, Kiersten, Kristina and the best to date, Kurtis. I'm a Visual Designer living and working in San Francisco after graduating from The New England School of Art & Design in Boston, Massachusetts, with a BFA in Graphic Design.

While my path and skillset are uniquely broader than most, I pride myself in the ability to adapt to my ever-changing environment, and continue to teach myself what is necessary to create beautiful, interactive experiences that encompass the user, my knowledge of search, and the client's business goals.

My creative approach—stems from the understanding that no design can work in color, until it is successful in black and white. This was something I learned a while back during my years as a print designer and leveraged when transitioning from print to web.

For me, working with other designers is about collaboration and the ability to respectively challenge one another. It's a way to create memorable user experiences, continuously grow, and impact the larger design community.