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NitroScore Loan Calculator


NitroScore Loan Calculator

The NitroScore Loan Calculator is a free online-based tool for determining the affordability of student loans. Providing first time students and their families the ability to explore various college/major selections and the impact it has on repaying student loans. With the intent to generate brand awareness for NitroCollege and capture leads, we engaged with their team, to design and develop the tool. The NitroScore is compiled of salary data by PayScale and includes averages based on a survey of 1.4 million college graduates, broken down across 336 majors at four-year colleges (bachelor’s programs) and 140 two-year college majors (associate's degrees).



The NitroScore Loan Calculator tool was launched at the beginning of Q2 2017 and while data is being collected, we're proud to see the tool has been picked up and feature in Campus Technology, Business Wire, and Delaware Business Now.

The team worked diligently to achieve our goals, and deadlines—we’re thrilled with the final product and can’t wait to expand (this tool).
— Mike Brown, Epic Research